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Places to see and things to do in and around Munsiari

Short Day Treks
Mesar Kund
Thamri Taal
Balati Farm
Papdi Dhar
Nakdeo Kund
Budgair Dhar

Long Day Treks
Lal Sing Gair
Khalia Tanti
Khalia Top
Hum Dhura Top
Kultham Top

Experience Himalayan Culture first hand

Village Treks
Sarmoli - Shankhdhura (Day walk)
Dhapha - Qwiri Jimiya (Day walk)
Dhapha - Paton (Trek, Night Stay)
Seraghat - Golfa (Trek, Night Stay)
Mankot (Day Drive)
Darkot (Day Drive)

Visit the Tribal Museum in Nana Sem, Sarmoli

Shop for Gifts, Traditional Products and Organic Foods
Maati Women's Group - Sarmoli

Multi Day Treks and other adventure activities
Outdoor Adventure

Other Activities
Visit the Hot water springs at Sera
Cross the Gori Ganga river on a cable Trolley at Mankot
Experience the Gori river at Mankot and Bungapani

To know more about any of these treks and activities and to make arrangements kindly contact the Sarmoli Nature Tourism Enterprise