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Himal Kalasutra 2017


Sarmoli, Munsiari, Uttarakhand
Detailed Programme and Schedule below the poster

Birding Festival- 23- 26th April 2017

in collaboration with Kalpavriksh, Pune

Tourism in Uttarakhand- The promise and the pitfalls, 3-4 May

in collaboration with  Equations, Bangalore

Photography and Instagram workshop, 8 to 11 May

in collaboration with Travel Blogger #theshootingstar and @voicesofmunsiari

Himal Kalasutra Himalaya Challenge 2017

हिमालय चैलेंज दौड़ 2017

Munsiari Challenge Run- 5 and 10 km, 14 May
Khalia Challenge Run- 21.5 Km and 8000 feet ascent, 15 May

Mountain Foods Festival, 17th to 19th May

शॉत शामल - पहाड़ी व्यंजनों का त्यौहार, 17th से 19th मई

Mesar Forest Festival- Sunday, 21 May 2017

Butterflies and Moths of the Mountains- 31 May-1-2 June 2017

in collaboration with the Titli Trust, Dehradun